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Adey Magnaclean ProfesionalWhether you are installing a new boiler, central heating system or servicing an existing system, the installation of a magnetic filter is an investment that everyone should make.

A magnetic filter will increase the life of your boiler and make it more efficient. Even a small build up of iron oxide in the system results in substantial efficiency loss and fuel wastage, coupled with increased carbon dioxide emissions. The most frequent cause of boiler breakdown is a seized pump, more often than not caused by a build up of magnetite (iron oxide and other particulates) that a magnetic filter can stop.

Neil Owen Plumbing & Heating recommend installing a magnetic filter with every new boiler installation and are approved installers of the ADEY MagnaClean magnetic filter system, the original magnetic filter. Read on for more information.

The Adey Magnaclean Professional

The Magnaclean professional is the original magnetic central heating system and is the market leader.

Since it's launch in 2003, the Magnaclean filter has established itself as an essential in any boiler installation. Independent research by GASTEC at CRE has shown that the installation of a Magnaclean filter can reduce heating energy bills by up to 6% annually for a typical three-bedroomed property.

The new Magnaclean Professional is available in 22mm and 28mm versions and is a proven magnetic and non-magnetic filter designed to remove virtually 100% of suspended magnetic debris.

The Magnaclean Professional provides many years of protection and comes with a standard 2 years manufacturers warranty.

How the MagnaClean Professinal Works

The Magnaclean Professional starts working as soon as it is installed. Let's see how it works:

Black iron oxide sludge Magnaclean filter is placed into container Within seconds the water starts to clear

Black iron oxide sludge is deposited in a container...

The Magnaclean Professional filter is placed into the container...

Within seconds, the water starts to clear as Magnaclean Professional sets to work...

Just ten seconds later the water is virually clear The Magnaclean is removed for easy cleaning  

After just 10 seconds virtually all sludge has been trapped and the water is clear...

The Magnaclean Professional is removed for easy cleaning