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Adey Magnacleanse

Neil Owen Plumbing & Heating, approved installers of Adey products in North Wales, are pleased to offer the latest in system-flushing technology from Adey, the pioneers in magnetic filtration technology.

With the new Magnacleanse system and the installation of a MagnaClean magnetic filter, we can get your system clean and ensure that it stays clean day after day.

Magnacleanse + Magnaclean from just £285.00

Fast and effective central heating system flushing with ongoing protection

MagnacleanseMagnaClease is the latest central heating flushing breakthrough from the pioneers of magnatic filtration and the award winning MagnaClean technology.

The new MagnaCleanse system from Adey is a revolution in central heating flushing practice. Previously, a system flush would take on average six hours, but not leave your system continuously protected. With the new MagnaCleanse, a system flush can be carried out in as little as two hours whilst delivering truly effective results with ongoing central heating system protection. The benefits are tangiable and immediate, removing virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass.

For more information and to book a MagnaCleanse flush for your system, call Neil Owen Plumbing & Heating today on 01492 584941 or 07833 457157.